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Request books or journal articles not listed in BiblioUniTS catalogue

Are you unable to retrieve a book or an article? If you are a student, faculty or technical staff at the University of Trieste or at ASU GI (the Trieste and Gorizia health care service) we can request it on your behalf from another library, in Italy or abroad …

Request a book (Interlibrary Loan)

The books will be available for you to read at the SBA library of your choice.

To place a request for an interlibrary loan, access BiblioUniTS (Login) with your institutional credentials. From your personal area select Borrowed items, then Request books not available in BiblioUniTS Catalogue. After selecting the library where you intend to consult the book, type in all the data you have about the item. Every update in the request workflow will be notified by email.


For librarians:

Request articles or copies of book chapters (Document Delivery)

We can provide you with articles and book chapters via Nilde (Network Inter-Library Document Exchange).

Are you ASU GI staff? Access Nilde clicking on the general “Login” instead of the “Institutional Login” (IDEM-GARR).

Access NILDE

For librarians: