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Elsevier Transformative Agreement

Agreement Elsevier
Duration 2023 - 2027
Tipology Read & Publish
The agreement provides access to Elsevier Freedom Collection on Sciencedirect platform and the possibility to publish on Open access in hybrid and full open access journals, without any APCs (Article processing charges) for the authors, starting from July 2023.
Eligible authors

All corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Trieste at the moment of article acceptance are eligible.

Corresponding authors on a fixed-term contract are eligible too: PhD students, postdocs and research assistants, interns in medicine, adjunct professors and so on.

Open Access pubblication is confirmed after both the affiliation with and the permission to publish from the University are verified

Eligible journals

It's possible to publish in Core hybrid journal, Full open access journals, some journals of the Cell Press collection.

The agreement does not cover APCs for the journals in the Clinics collection, hybrid journals in The Lancet collection, journals that do not provide OA publication, and journals in which OA publication is already supported by research or government entities.

Complete, up-to-date list of eligible journals.

Eligible articles

Original paper, Review paper, Case report, Short Communication (starting from January 2025)


CC-BY license is recommended.

The author may as well opt for CC-BY-NC 4.0, however this choice also provides for the transfer of marketing rights to the publisher and therefore its use is not recommended.


Until December 31, 2024: agreement covers APCs up to the nationally limited annual cap, to be shared among all CARE-CRUI participating institutions. 

Since January 1, 2025: there are no limits or annual caps.


Green Open Access Authors affiliated with the University of Trieste can share on their personal website or in the Institutional Archive (ArTS) the AAM - Author Accepted Manuscript Version of their article published in the traditional way in non-eligible journals with a maximum duration of 12 months embargo .
This condition is more favorable than the standard conditions applied by the publisher outside the contract (embargo of average 12-18-24-36 depending on the journal).
Web pages, tutorials and other materials for further reference

Publisher's webpage about the CARE-CRUI agreement

Publisher's webpages for authors

Further information Contact SBA - Digital library: Michele Codaglio


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