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Book a research appointment with a librarian

If you need to find:
  • books, articles, dissertations, reports, conference proceedings, economic and financial data, law collections, and so on.

if you need to create a bibliography for:
  • dissertations, course essays, or any kind of research paper

or you need help understand how to use:

  • literature search tools (catalogues, Discovery service, databases, e-journals and so on.)
  • reference management tools (e.g. Zotero)
  • Turnitin: the plagiarism prevention system adopted at our University
... on the basis of the  subject of your  search needs, choose a library and book a one-to-one research appointment:


1. Law, Political and Social Science, Economics

2. Modern Languages, Linguistics,Translation, Simultaneous Interpreting, Egyptology

3. International Relations and Diplomacy, Architecture

4. Medicine, Surgery and Health Sciences

5. Earth Sciences, Psychology

6. Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physiscs, Life Sciences

7. Philosophy, Language Studies, Italian and Foreign Literatures and Cultures, Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Cinema, Music and Theater

8. Anthropology, Archaeology, Ethnography and Eurasian protohistory, Classical and Medieval Philology, Hittitology, History, Geography, Art, Pedagogy, Sociology, Psychology, Communication Studies, Social Work

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