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University Library System

The University Library System (SBA) is in charge of the preservation, development, promotion and management of the book, document and archive collections at the University of Trieste and fosters access to online information resources (see the Statute of the University of Trieste)

SBA oversees the organization of all University libraries and ensures that the necessary support is given to teaching and research during the process of transforming information into knowledge. Moreover, SBA is in charge of the dissemination of the University scholarly and documental production, with particular care and attention to Open access  (see the Regulation of the University Library System)

SBA is a subdivision of Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo e Polo Museale

Head of the Division: Cristina Cocever

SBA is subdivided into nine libraries and four service points – grouped in three subject areas – in addition to the Digital library and the other system support services.
SBA is in charge of:
  • the management of spaces and services at the academic libraries
  • the acquisition and preservation of library materials, as well as making them available to users
  • the management of catalogues
  • information literacy for institutional users
  • offering assistance in the use of services and library holdings
  • the management of University e-resources
  • Supporting the University institutional research information system

SBA leads the Polo SBN of the University of Trieste and FVG - a “polo” being one of the nodes in the largest Italian National Library Service network (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale - SBN).