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Lending and on-site reading services by advance booking

Entry to all University buildings is regulated by the Joint Protocol regulating the measures to fight and contain the widespread of Covid-19.

Prerequisite to entry is the signing of the Declaration of access to the premises of the University of Trieste, available at the page Emergency Covid-19 - Academic community.


Who are the services for?

  • Lending services are open for institutional users. External users may be admitted on research grounds – e.g. those writing a dissertation or thesis or involved in research projects. Please contact the relevant library for further information.
  • The on-site reading service by advance booking is primarily available to institutional users.


How do I book in advance?

Book borrowing and return service
Place a request for the book/s:
  • By logging in from BiblioUniTS and requesting/booking the item directly from the catalogue record.
  • Alternatively, contact the library (please specify the item title and shelf mark and your user ID ):
  • By email
  • By phone
  • Make an appointment to collect the item from your login area or, alternatively, wait for a library email with day and time for collection.
  • Come at the appointed time, observing all regulations in effect, having first filled in the necessary form (for access to University premises) – the digital form is enough.
  • Please observe social distancing at all points while waiting
  • Pick the book/s you had reserved
  • For returns use the library drop boxes
Book a seat for on-site reading:

  • By logging in from BiblioUniTS and booking a seat clicking on “Reservations
  • Alternatively, contact the library (please specify user ID and day, time and duration of your intended visit):
  • By email
  • By phone
  • Wait for a library email with details (day and time) of the appointment
  • Come at the appointed time, wearing a face mask and observing all regulations in effect
  • Please observe social distancing from other users
  • Occupy the assigned seat only. Any library item you may use must be left on the table, and not reshelved


The library takes on responsibility to...


  • Answer phone calls and email; manage booking requests in the shortest time possible
  • Prepare materials so that users may collect them at the set time
  • Ensure that returned materials are quarantined for at least 3 days before they go out on loan again.
  • Register the return at the end of the three-day quarantine. Users receiving automatically generated recall emails during this period are invited to ignore them.
  • Arrange readers’ seats in the library, provide hand sanitizer on the table. Every booked space will be sanitised after use.