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HELP - Online loan request

Would you like a book from any of the libraries of the University Library System (SBA)?
You may place an order and have it delivered at the library of your choice via the online loan request:
  • Access with your University account to BiblioUniTS
  • Search the catalogue
  • Select the book(s) you need
  • Click on "Richiedi" to place a reservation
  • Select at what library you would like to collect your items
  • When you are ready to return them, you may just drop them in any University bookbox
The service is available across all SBA libraries, except for those located very near to each other. At booking, the maximum expected waiting time is specified.
For Pordenone and Portogruaro off-campus libraries the service is not available, you need to go to your library desk to place a request for an intra-system loan.